Monday, 8 May 2017

The kite, the flight, the fight

There was a saying..
"Relationship is like a kite
Sometimes you need to let go
Sometimes you need to hold tight"
What if it is a lie
To make the kite fly?

What about the wind
I doubt anyone is keen

The wind is like his own motivation
The one that leads him to his desired destination

He may get tangled with his own kind
Decides to settle down with the tree
Or land back down and be mine

To let loose says the wind
To hold tight says the wind
To stay with me, says me.

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Singapore Zoo

How it was planned?
Boyfriend and I has actually thought of visiting the zoo ever since our trip to River Safari with Natasha and Joel. We were pretty lucky as we chanced upon a pretty good deal on facebook where they were advertising on a promo selling tickets for both River Safari and Zoo for just 30+ per person, about $62 for the both of us. However, both attractions have to be visited on the same day. Almost immediately, boyfriend and I agreed to go on a free Sunday, which is today.

However, we did not get to book the tickets online because we don't have UOB card. Therefore, we set our minds to go there early to buy the tickets onsite.

Boyfriend drove over to my house to fetch me early in the morning (really thankful for that). We reached Zoo's ticketing booth at around 9am (yes, this early). After purchasing the tickets, we had a quick breakfast at a store just beside the ticketing booth. The breakfast was a little nostalgia as it has been a while since we ate such a traditional breakfast (toast bread, hot cup of beverage and eggs). But it was definitely a good start of the day.

Please note that we did went to both Zoo and River Safari. However, I will not be writing much about River Safari in this post as I have already blogged about it before - HERE.

Overall, it was a phenomenal experience visiting the Zoo with boyfriend. We get to see big crocodiles that I thought was a statue, Monkey mummies carrying baby monkey in their "pouch", etc.

I would definitely urge people who are visiting Singapore Zoo to wear a hat. You would not want any weird stuff landing onto your head yea? (haha). Oh! Another thing is definitely insect repellent. :)

Enjoy the photos!

P/S: I will make the gallery bigger next time!

80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826
Opening Hours: 8.30 - 6 pm daily
Telephone: 6269 3411

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